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A team passionate about inspiring and empowering teachers and leaders during the delivery of primary mathematics.

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First4Maths Academy has been developed by the consultancy team at First4Maths. During 12 years of providing consultancy support to teachers, teaching assistants and leaders we have gained a wealth of experience and understanding of the varied needs within each school. We have supported the implementation of action plans with leaders and planned and taught alongside 100s of teachers from Nursery to Year 6.

We wanted to provide daily support for our teachers, teaching assistants and leaders in a cost-effective way, whilst being mindful of the time available to access training.  First4Maths Academy has 639+ training videos that enable us to achieve this goal. Our consultants have recorded these videos in bitesize chunks and explain how to teach each step of the curriculum from Nursery to Year 6. Within each video, we guide teachers through the journey of each objective. We share the most effective resources to support understanding, the progression in the questions that they can ask to support and challenge children and point out the potential misconceptions that may arise.

It is our aim to inspire and empower teachers and leaders in their delivery of primary mathematics.

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We empower teachers and improve outcomes for children.

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Our consultants supported by practice teachers and leaders.

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